Friday, March 11, 2011

He Runs.

I am so excited that tomorrow my husband will run his first ever 5K! He has been working hard and getting up early to try to get his training in! He doesn't LOVE it but I am hoping he kind of likes it. So excited for him...just hoping the rain will stay away! He is a pretty big leperchan at 6'3 and 200++ pounds! I know he will find his lucky charms!

Today I ran six sluggish miles on the broken mill at home. Not feeling 100% but hopefully rest will help. I have 15 on tap for Sunday!

As for my lent calendar, today was NO TEXTING! I was amazed at how many times I wanted or needed to text someone.

Here are the next few days just in case you need it.

DAY 4 Give up online social networking (don't's just for the day)

DAY 5 Read Jonah 1 Verses 1-3 and then spend one hour doing something you enjoy

DAY 6 Pray for Mission trips around the country and world

DAY 7 Call someone whom you have had a falling out and make amends

DAY 8 Only drink water today and pray for those in need of clean water

DAY 9 Have a conversation today with someone you may not normally talk to

DAY 10 Journal about how giving something up has helped you depend on God

DAY 11 Watch the sunrise or sunset (6:20 a.m. & 5:40 p.m.)



Kerrie T. said...

Give up social networking?!?!

I am giving up yelling (as in at the dogs). I'm going to have to start over after today. Argh.

Kerrie T. said...

And good luck to the hubs. Hope he LOVES it!

Lesley @ said...

Love the day-by-day lent calendar.

Good luck to the hubs!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love this Harm!! GOOD LUCK TO R!!! Pumped for him!!!

I may want to run some recovery miles tomorrow--can I join you for part of you run???

Molly said...

Hope hubby did well.

love your daily calendar. I actually get so much out of Lent.

Stacie said...

Good Luck!!! I hope you guys have a blast.

Karen said...

I LOVE your clanedar!!! What an awesome idea! :0)

Erika said...

i don't know if i could give up social networking!! yikes!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

So how did he do?

Congrats on your lenten calendar. I love you list. It's great to remember to do positive things to change our focus from us to Him and others.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Love your lent list! Proud of the no texting! Can't wait to hear how the hubs did!!!

Brittany said...

can you send me this lent calendar!? I would love to do it next year. I gave up facebook for this year, yikes! Pray for me!