Friday, January 21, 2011

Long run DONE

Today was my first long run in my marathon training plan. Woke up to 33 degrees and raining! I needed to focus on running the first part slower and second half faster. Funny thing is that this is my SLOW long run for the week, but these speeds aren't really what I would call slow. I know that I am growing and hopefully will be able to look back at how my pace has improved.

SPEED DISCLAIMER: It wasn't long ago that hitting a 10 minute mile was HUGE and staying under that 10 minute was even better! So if you are reading this know that I am not speedy and that we all start somewhere! Some of you may have started where I am now and are moving along in the 7-8 range while others are rocking the 10-12 minute range. Just had to get that out there because I know I have made the mistake of comparing myself to others and that never turns out good for me! I am sharing my times to help me see progress and have a specific goal! This is one thing I LOVE about my Coach....she has made everything very specific. Something to reach for!!

Ran first 4.5 @ 9:22 pace
Ran last 4.5 @ 9:05 pace
Time: 1hr. 23min.

I was tired physically and mentally and struggled through miles 3-6. By the time I was starting mile 7 I felt strong physically and mentally and finished strong! I have identified that I am slow to start kind of gal. When I feel TIRED at the beginning and know that I am "warming" up that I worry how will I feel in 3 miles when I am suppose to BUMP it up.
Overall it was a good run and I happy that I pushed through!

The rest of the today involved work, work and more work. Happy to relax tonight! My body is feeling those 9 miles already! This weekend is full of plans and spending time with PEOPLE!! Investing in others is a cool thing!!

Who will you invest in this weekend??


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

That's an awesome run Harmony! Did you brave the weather outside? The afternoon turned awful. yuck!

Enjoy your weekend and savor your rest day!!

Stacie said...

Awesome job Harmony!!! I'm still balancing just getting my miles in/not injuring my knees. I yearn for the day I can just throw on my shoes and go.

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed with the speed! No disclaimer necessary :)
I'm excited to go volunteer this morning at a Team In Training event!

Karen said...

GREAT job! That's awesome!!! :0)

Shelle and Dan said...

That's great! Thanks for writing your speed disclaimer, it makes me feel better. I want to run a 5k in less that 30 minutes this year and have just now been able to get in 2 miles in less than 20 minutes. I felt really good about that, but then started doubting, thinking a "real" runner would scoff at my paltry time.
Thanks for encouraging us all!

Anonymous said...

Great time! Way to go!!

Silly Kristal said...

I tagged you in my blog!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Great run! Looking forward to following your training for Eugene. I'll be down there doing the half. I start Eugene Half training tomorrow.

Nikki Kendall said...

I am a slow start kinda gal too. I takes me 1.5-2 miles to warm up and find my zone!