Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here I am with my hubby looking and feeling HAPPY! Happy is a good place to be. I like being a happy wife, mom, and friend. When you are HAPPY you can be so productive...I am not talking about organizing your closet or scrubbing the floors kind of productive.

I am talking about being a light, brightening the lives of others. Starting the day thinking about how you can reach out to someone, share with someone, love someone, forgive someone.

I am HAPPY when I have my priorities straight and I am in relationship with God. I always know he is there but I often neglect that relationship. So in 2011 I plan and hope to GIVE more that relationship! I mean really...what could be more important??

Speaking of HAPPY I am HAPPY!!! The mental anguish (it was minor, but driving me crazy)is behind me as I think I have hammered out my PLANS!

I am going to do the 2011 Eugene Marathon on May 1st!! There are a huge number of details I need to figure out and PRAY that somehow I find someone else to make the journey with me or at least meet in Eugene. I am OK however it shakes out because when it comes down to it...I want to do Eugene! When I was running the Portland Marathon (my first) in October there were two strong girls running in front of me for a period of time. The had the COOLEST Eugene Marathon jackets on...I decided right then that I wanted one TOO!!

So am I motivated by fashion or the fact that they just were BAD A$$?? Either way it is on and this will all be new to me. There is snow on the ground and it is 7 degrees so training will be interesting!

I did try to hard to find something more local as I was searching and reading out loud to my hubby about races, my ONE and ONLY son just said,

"Mom I don't think you'll like those races. I think you should do Eugene, it's going to be a good one!"


My second goal of the year is to do my FIRST tri. There is one in Spokane called the Wunder Woman that I am looking into that would be in late August. This would be a total newbie experience but I have been looking at it for years and want to make it happen this year!

Just need to find a bike I can "borrow"! This may get tricky! Then I plan to end the year with a half in the fall (if I can wait that long). Leaning towards the Girlfriends half in Vancouver,WA. I want to run a sub 2:00 half! Still have plenty of time! So there it is....feels better to get it out there. Things may change but that is what I feeling right now!!

Also my hubby has decided to run his first 5K in March...YIPPEE!!! So proud of him!

And it gets better...I am going to have a real RUNNING coach...pretty sure many of you have heard of her!! Think Big! Be sure to check back...I will get around to that giveaway I promise, as well as share the great news about my super cool COACH!

So please help me grow spiritually and physically this year....I love a challenge and words of encouragement go a long way! I would love to support you on your journey as well!

Go chase your dreams, touch lives, seek God and LOVE each other! (and of course you can do all these things while RUNNING!!)


AngMomof3 said...

Congrats on your decision! It will be great.
"I have decided to follow Jesus..." you title made me think of my Grandpa singing that old hymn. I miss him.
AND-- ask my brother about a bike. He's done triathalons and I think Brit has a bike she doesn't use. He'll know if it's a good one for a tri. Woot woot!

Amanda@runninghood said...

my favorite post all day! Great goals. Thank you for the inspiration and reminder that my relationship with God is THE most important and the one I often neglect the most. I also want to do my first tri this year! Bummed I won't be meeting you in Eugene but several of my other blogger buddies I've net on here are. If I wasn't registered for the Hippie chick half marathon on May 8th then I would be doing Eugene too. Newport it is for me! Again, great goals! Great writing

Amanda@runninghood said...

definitely need more of a plan for my spiritual growth!

Anonymous said...

I will be in Eugene! Not doing the full but will be doing the half. Would be fun to get some bloggers together to meet up either before or after! :)

lish said...

Wonderful post with lots of great goals!!!! There is nothing wrong with being motivated by a jacket...lets face it...they are pretty cool! Good luck! Can't wait to hear more!

Kerri O said...

Great goals! I hope you reach them all. I've heard good things about Eugene, I'm in CO and was tempted.

Erika said...

I love your goals and honesty! Good luck with training!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

CONGRATS Harmony! It like you were invested in EUGENE a while ago!

You, Lisa and I will have to coordinate some long runs!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love all of it! I know you can do it! I looked up the Wunder woman Tri and it is something I'd like to do at some point too! Praying for God to continue His work in you!

misszippy said...

Hey--a jacket is a great reason to sign up for a race! ; )

I think doing a marathon in May and then a tri in August is a great way to spread it out. Best of luck with it!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

WOnder if your coach has a guest room so you can come do a long run or two together?? Hmmmm...guess we will find out..


Lesley @ said...

Sounds like some awesome decisions! Good luck!

Eryn said...

really great post! Great goals, and I have to say, I LOVED the girlfriends half! I also am planning to do the Euguene HALF in May and then roll right into my training for the Portland marathon! I hope I see you in Euguene, and I am planning to be at Girlfriends on the sidelines!

Marlene said...

Sounds like exciting plans and goals for 2011! All the best! Look forward to following along.

Julie D. said...

great goals! so wish I was doing Eugene this year. Right there with you in putting my relationship with the Lord in the number one position this year...sadly, it so often takes a back seat. Good luck in the year to come!

ashleys said...

Good for you for taking on a new challenge! Love your post! We all can be reminded how blessed we are & that God has to be at the center of our running as well. You asked on my blog about my Portland plan - I loved the one I followed - e-mail me and I can forward it to you: Where are you at in Washington? My bike is collecting dust right now & I am training for Boston - so I won't be using it. Hope your year ahead is full of adventure & blessings!!