Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winner and Rocking the 90's!

#22, Shelly at It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other is the FAMILY FAN CLUB winner! Email me with your contact information at to claim your $25 gift card!

So after the a hectic and white Turkey week I have been trying to focus on the MILES to bring to me 1,000!! With snow drifts and white flakes floating everywhere I ended up running 6.5 yesterday on my ancient treadmill (no digits, smells like rubber, and an airplane taking off)!

Today I did 7.5 and wanted to do more BUT I had Sweet J who was patiently waiting for MAMA to be DONE! So guess what?? I am in the 90's now on my way to lower digits I hope!! Feeling good (but tired) and trying to gather my courage and positive attitude to go make some cookies with Sweet J! I am digging deep....there has to be some domestic bones in there somewhere! I let you know how it goes! Then off to brave the roads to go get my One and Only and Lovely L from school!

Only 6 more days until I leave for WOWWWYY MAUI!!! Can't wait!!


Emz said...

YAY Maui!

YAY 7.5!!

YAY 90's!!

YAY Shelly!!!

Nikki Kendall said...

Nice job!

Shellyrm said...

I have that same old treadmill! I always wonder what the smell reminded me of.

Yeah for winning! I am sooo excited. Sending you an email now.

Karen said...

It's great that you are almost there! Woohoo!

Hope you have fun in Maui!!! :0)

Kerrie T. said...

Can you pack me in your bag?

Tricia said...

congrats to shelly

and yippeee maui!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How good is that HAWAII sun going to feel!! I'm pumped to be in Kaua'i on 12/9!!

Great job knocking out those miles Running Buddy!!!!!!!


YOU are the reason I am taking this running business so seriously!!!

Erika said...

Maui??? Wow that's awesome! have fun!