Saturday, December 18, 2010

NAKED in Maui

If you can't tell from the photos above...I am still on a MAUI high! Thinking about just makes me smile. It was so wonderful to have time to slow down and enjoy my husband. I am a lucky woman! So lucky that on the one day it rained he wanted to send me to the spa. Now this was not just any spa. It was the Grande Wailea in Maui. It was super fancy, but we got a super duper special. I wasn't totally sure what I was signing up for but how could it possibly be bad right? So there was talk that I would do the terme' baths and then get my massage. They said I could come early and use their state of the art fitness room too. I was so excited about this I grabbed my stuff and we were on our way.

I realized that I didn't have my suit but figured I wouldn't need it for my massage. I was guessing the bath thing was a private thing so I would be cool.

Well I was WRONG! When I got there a lady took me in this fancy room (supposedly a locker room of sorts) but I could easily have made it home. She gave me a small white towel and told me that I had an hour to enjoy the WEST meets EAST rooms and end in the HAWAII room. Wait...I don't have a suit?? PANIC PANIC!! She laughed and said most people will be nude and some will be wearing suits. WHAT???? Well I want to be one of the ones wearing a suit. Too bad....hubby had dropped me off and was gone! So I decided I could call it a day or GO FOR IT. The west room was beautiful with huge hot tub pools and cooling pools along side. There was fruit everywhere as well as BOOBS! Yes that's right! Boobs, butt cheeks, tummy's, and other body parts all for the viewing. I played it cooled eating my apple with my towel and trying to plot how I would enter the hot pool without letting all my dignity go out the door. I made it in and no one seemed to care or bat a lash. Hmmmm guess I wasn't the center of attention?? I chatted with a suited gal and apologized repeatedly for being nude. We laughed and then I realized I would never have to courage to exit the pool. I could see the East room and was intrigued so I sucked it up (literally) and covered my bits and walked back and got my little white towel. On to the EAST room where there were Japanese showers and cool jacuzzi's. Very nice and starting to get over that I am completely NAKED!! I eventually ended up in the Hawaii room where there these small one person mineral baths that were amazing. Bright pink, blue, green, and purple. All had different minerals that were suppose to do great things. I hung out in the cellulite and skin toning!

OK I am sure this getting long and boring so I will speed up to my favorite memories that make me laugh.

1. After soaking in a mineral bath you had to go to these fancy showers. You pushed a button, timer on, you step in and then BOOM...140 pulsating jets come out of the walls and rinse you for 90 seconds. Let's just say that I am so short I was getting pelted in the face and was climbing the marble walls trying to get my head above water. It was pure craziness for 90 seconds. Then I would have to open the door step out and play it cool and appear refreshed. HA! I tried to avoid those 140 jets as much as possible. So yes I did double dip when I could!

2. Mid way through this experience a nice little gal called my name and took me in this small room. It had a small table, rubber mat and a hose. She told me to lay face down. OK I can do this! She then got two huge scrubbing mits and began to exfoliate. She then told me to FLIP. Excuse me??? Yes that's right just flip on over. She gave me a small towel for my lower extremities but my little boobs where just hanging out with sunburn lines and all. Exfoliation...and then before I knew it Iwas up and she was showering me and then I returned to the pools. Hmmmm did that just happen?

So eventually I did get an amazing one hour massage! It was wonderful and so relaxing. I was covered and warm and cozy with dim light, music and amazing fragrances. So do tell...what would you have done in this situation??

It may seem like a stretch but my running hobby has made me a more confident person! Wearing a bikini and going nude with strangers all in the same week...and I survived. Sometimes we make things so scary or horrible in our mind that we limit ourselves. I can think of many things I don't try or do, due to fears. How many years could I have been wearing a bikini or running marathons?? One will never know...but I do know that negative thinking can lead to negative living! I want to look for the positive and not dwell on how imperfect I am. I feel kind of free and liberated in a weird way. God made me just the way I am (small boobs and all, believe me I know...because I saw some big boobs)and I am confident that He knows what he is doing. Thank you God for the beauty you created in Maui and the beauty you have created in each of us!


Anonymous said...

I love Maui!

Anonymous said...

Brave woman, you! I think I might have retreated back to the locker room! But you're right, God knew what He was doing with each of us. I'm glad you have such a great time!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yeah! Rock that bod of yours!! I wouldn't cover it up if I were you!!!

You and Ryan look so happy!! Can't wait to catch up!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacie said...

You are beautiful inside and out. Glad you went for it. Not sure what I would have done.

I giggled most of the way through your post :)

BTW, be thankful for small boobs. So much easier to run with.

AngMomof3 said...

What? No spa pics? :) Thanks for sharing your story- so funny! I hope you'll be smiling about Maui for months!

Teamarcia said...

Now that's what I call out of the comfort zone--always a good place for spiritual growth!
I love Maui!

Eryn said...

I tried to comment earlier but blogger was acting weirdo.

this post was HILARIOUS. I read some of it to my hubby....who kind of thought I was weird for thinking it was so funny.

Thanks for keeping it real!

Anonymous said...

This will always be a memorable experience :) Loved reading this!