Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Packing the "bag"

OK so I am just running a marathon yet I feel like I am packing my bag as if I was going to the hospital to have a baby. So many unknowns?? Hmmm, will I need this?? Well what if this happens...then I need XYZ! So I am coming to my running peeps for guidance. Let me know what you think?

Here is what I am thinking....
shorts (I roll with the diaper butt..just can't cross over to the skirt thing)
tank or short sleeve
sports bra
tape for knee
advil Or aleve??
waterbelt (not sure if I should just rely on the course water stations?)
recovery socks
roller (it's like my own personal surf board)
shoes (yes don't forget the shoes)
band aids
second skin (debating on using band aids...worried they may shift...DARN BLISTER, go away)
body glide
vaseline???? (anyone use this...I am desperate and thinking my big blister toe might need it?)
i pod
yurbuds (not sure if I'll use them, just got them for review?)
garmin (AKA Frenchie)
cliff shot blocks (how many?)
GU (how many and when to use?)
need to get old throw away long sleeve?

I am sure there is more...I just want to be pre-race, RUN and post race READY! So exciting. Can't wait to hear from you so I can get packing!


Stacey said...

I would definitely have water with you. I have been at races where they ran out of water...at mile 22! Better to be prepared. Good luck! And have fun!

Kerrie T. said...

It sucks you're gonna be in Portland. Well, not really. You're going to be having fun! We're gonna be in Pullman this weekend for homecoming. :/ Aw well.

Anyway, BodyGlide for that blister might help for a little while. Not sure if Vaseline is better or worse.

LauraElaine said...

Looks good! You're rather overpack than get there and wish you had brought something that you forgot.
One thing though - do not take alleve before doing longer runs - it taxes the kidneys, which can cause quicker dehydration and lead to worse problems

Running Diva Mom said...

looks like you've thought of everything!! you're prepared ... in every which way. you're gonna do great!!!!!!!!!!!

Erika said...

I feel you! I keep staring at my suitcase going, "what the heck?!?" good luck and enjoy your race!

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

chapstick... my lips get sooooo dry on long runs. Good luck!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Have you not practiced your race fuel and water?? hmm.. I generally Gu every 5 miles and take chomps on the 2's but I KNOW that my tummy can take it.. I also carry water, but I am horrible at drinking from those little cups and I dont like stopping..

Your list is great. Need socks a pair that worked well in training, outfit nothing new this needs to be stuff you have battle tested, hat, etc...I use Bodyglide on my toes, and would recommend second skin over a bandaid.

Charge your Garmin and ipod the night before, DONT FORGET.

Other than that you are golden. I am hoping to make it to the meet up..my class ends at 5, not sure how close it is to the Macaroni grill

abbi said...

Pack it all for peace of mind but just go with what you know works for you. I just tried to do everything exactly the same as for my long runs. Good luck and have fun!

Molly said...

my last few runs I tried putting Glide on my blister toe, and it's working!!

Just bring everything you think you might need, don't forget Nuun or powerade, some kind of electolyte drink.

Game time!!! : )

Meredith said...

Okay, so the dork in me just checked the weather forecast. You shouldn't need sunscreen. Supposed to be cloudy with 60% chance of rain. I would say a throw away long sleeve with a tank underneath. I'll be down there cheering on friends, if I see you I'll be sure to cheer you on too (just in case you're wondering who's calling your name that you don't know!)

Megan said...

definitely take your water belt.. easier to drink from yrou bottle than the cups plus you may want water at other times than provided on the course..you have everything in order from the looks of it..wear what you know what works for you..nike shorts, under armour tank, salt embedded visor!!! I am not a fan of vaseline, it breaks down. I think body glide on toes plus the bandaid and second skin should be good.Good luck and remember to haev fun, enjoy the race and the moments along the way...don't be hard on yrouself!

Tricia said...

Ive been debating the carrying water vs. not for my own next month too

Jessica said...

I'm packing my trusty running buddy, Brunette Pony, for encouragement and confidence! ;) Great list! Sounds like using the water belt might be the best bet?? Can't wait to make this milestone happen with you!!!

Stacie said...

There are more water/aid stations on the Portland course than any other run I've done. There has always been an abundance. I think the water stations are less than every two miles. They also have Ultima at each station. If you have Gu's or other items that work well for you then I would take those. There are a couple gummy bear stations and gel along the way. I've not tried Vaseline but they have that along the course as well if you need it. I love Bodyglide. I'm going to pack several different things and decide once I get up depending on the weather. It sounds like you are ready. I can't wait to see you and share your first marathon experience with you. You will do awesome!!!