Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wind + Blisters= Tough 20 miles!

Well today was my second attempt at running 20 miles. I woke up concerned when I looked out the window and saw the tress bending in the wind. So I stalled and stalled and finally around 7:15 I just had to go for it. My last run in my feet felt horrible as if I had zero cushion and my toes were dying. So I am was a bit nervous and didn't want to start something I couldn't finish.

Mile 1 Good, hmmm feet feel good. Wind is refreshing!

Mile 2-4 Ugh, these hills again! Wind was there but manageable. Feet OK.

Mile 5-7 Finally hitting the trail and the hills are behing me for awhile. Feet are starting to hurt, wind getting stronger.

Mile 8-10 I think I am bleeding. Yep, my heel has a new blister. The one on my toe seemed to be holding strong but was hurting. Pull on sock as I am running and see the blood, but keep on keeping on.

Mile 10-13 Wind, wind and more Frenchie (my Garmin) says low battery and is acting weird. Great!

Mile 13-16 HILL! Calling in reinforcements. The fam meets me with water and cheers.

Mile 16-18 Kept family around I needed them. Every step was torture. My visor kept blowing back and I was having to dig deep to keep going. I started thinking of what Mel, Tricia, Stacie, Emz (bloggy buddies) would I pushed on.

Mile 18-20 Just get me there. Feet are hurting, yet my legs feel pretty strong. I feel like my pace and form are horrible. The wind is my enemy!

FINISH!! Yippe! Not sure on time but between my home clock and Frenchie, I think I did it in 3:15. Not so pretty but DONE! I am giving myself two rest days...because my feet need it! Also I think I will be doing some shoe shopping. I think 600 miles on my Brooks is all they can take.

Hope everyone is having a great, long, relaxing weekend!!


Stacie said...

I got all emotional when I saw my name in your post. I'm so glad I helped keep you going. You, along with my other running blog friends are what keep me going every day.

Definitely get some new shoes. I can tell a huge difference now if I pay attention. I think that is what contributed to all me knee issues. Congrats on your run!!!!

Janet said...

Way to go! There are so many times when I let the wind talk me out of a run. Wind and hills are an evil combination but you totally rocked it! Congrats!

Karen said...

GREAT job!!! Yay for finishing your run! :0)

Diana said...

GREAT job pushing thru! You are amazing! I wonder why some days of running feel like torture, Isn't amazing seeing what God will let your body accomplish? I think of your running story as the ups and downs of life! Easy, hard, wind, hills, family, support, and all of the love surrounding you! How blessed we are that through all of it we call on the one who made us, and he delivers! Again.... YOU are a ROCKSTAR!

abbi said...

Great job on the 20! And here I was thinking you were probably taking a step back week this week...haha!

Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing, I loved going through your miles with you, I can totally relate. After every race I run, I journal how I felt at my miles, you have inspired me to start doing that for long runs- I think it helps to stay focused and re-group. Way to go on your 20, it reminds me that i am behind on miles due to my injury. I am also in need of new shoes, just wondering what are everyone's favorite shoes?

Jill said...

WAY TO GO! So much of the long runs is MENTAL! Getting beyond it and just getting it done. Great job! I love reading posts like this...honest and true and you DID IT!

Anonymous said...

wow congrats!!! that is a great accomplishment!
good job!

Jessica said...

I think we need to schedule a pedi post 10-10-10 where we can revisit our triumph of completing 26.2 mi!! My feet are so UGLY right now! Battle wounds of being a REAL runner! Keep up the stellar work H-LOVE!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Great job on finishing a really long run! Hope your feet have recovered!

Wendy said...

Way to go!!