Saturday, September 18, 2010

22 mile story (warning graphic pic...but you really should see it)


Here we are posing. If you can't tell these ladies have some strong legs. M is to the left...hello quads. J to the right...if she turned around she could take you out with her calf.

So tired and sweaty...couldn't muster the energy to touch each other. is my unexpected surprise. The minor blister that seemed gone...has returned and in a big way.

So today started off great. I was expecting to be running in the rain and was pleasantly surprised to see overcast and perfect temps. Today was going to be different. This was the big daddy...the longest run until the real thing.
J or Blonde pony my regular running buddy, M (AKA Quads) and her friend K all made it my place and we were ready to rock 22 miles. By mile 3 K was not feeling well and was dry heaving. WHAT? This is not good. So we stop and wait for a sec and it looks like we can do this. By mile 4 K was slowing down and not looking good. Quads was trying to stay with her so Blonde Pony and I pushed on. Hmmm not the best start to the amazing posse run I had envisioned. By mile 6 we could see Quads and K and they looked strong so we just kept going. I thought they would cut the run short or just go at a slow pace and we would cross paths when we turned to come back. (that didn't happen)

Miles 6-10
Felt like a rock star. Legs were strong and I was looking foward to getting to half way point. It was nice to catch up with Blonde Pony as we have both been running solo lately.

Miles 11-13
Hit the porta potty quickly and took some fuel. Still felt pretty strong. Getting from 10-11 seemed like FOREVER, but once we turned around I was good. Getting started again was a bit rough....major left knee pain. Hobbled for a sec and I was fine.

Miles 13-16
Great! I know weird post...great at 13 seems odd to me. We hit the half at 2:03 which made me feel like we were on track. Had to cross the road in town here so had to pause for a moment for traffic. Again pain starting back up. Note to self, keep moving. Wondering where Quads and K could have gone?? My only hope was that were together and Quads was able to get her long run in like she needed. We also had a bonus sweet distraction from a sweet mama friend who JUST got cleared to run after having a baby who wanted to come out to support us. She looked amazing and had no problem staying wih us. Thanks A for the boost. Loved it!

Miles 16-20
On my road HOME..finally just left the last hill BEHIND me. Trying to not pay attention to tightness in quads, pain in shins, and left knee pain. Called hubby..requesting water check and banana's. So he came out and Blonde Pony and I split a banana and left some for the birds. It was perfect. As he was leaving he said that he saw Quads ahead. I told him to go check on her and give her anything she needed.

Miles 20-22
Hmmmm what can I say...I was tired!! I tried to find a good place mentally and push through. I know Blonde Pony heard more HEAVY BREATHING than she would have like. Sorry! But we did it! 3:26 and 51 seconds!

Got home to find Quads on my front porch and no K. Oh no!!! I guess K went home and poor QAUDS ran the rest of her 20 solo. UGH!!!! I definitely will plan better on my next posse outing.

Soooo if you are still reading this I would LOVE any advice about my toe. I did the sterilizing thing and gently drained it. be sure to notice the other one on the 4th toe as well. I do have new shoes but the big mama blister is pre new shoes. Hmmmm what to do??? Hubby is sure I need to take a week off. Not possible! Happy to be done and ready to hit Portland!!
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AngMomof3 said...

You're incredible and amazing! You look GREAT after a run that long. Seriously.

Other than the toes. Ewww! No idea on recommendations since I know you won't sit still long enough for it to heal. :)

But I hope it does heal for your sake. Getting closer to the big day!

Julie said...

great run! Congrats! Congrats on your battle wound too!! that is a doozie!!

Kerrie T. said...

Ack. Yikes. Mine paled in comparison to that. Sorry, no advice. :(

On another note, way to rock it!

LauraElaine said...

Try to find some "Second Skin". Not sure where, but as a former gymnast, our coaches used to give it to us to put on our hands when they ripped from swinging bars. I bet you could find it somewhere online?
Great job on the 22!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

that is the biggest blister I've ever seen, yikes! I have no advice, just sending you heal-fast vibes!!!


Awesome job! I ran 22 yesterday too and fortunately did not suffer a blister like that. I nearly puked when I saw that picture. I have to advice. But hope it heals quick!

Molly said...

yowzers thats a big one! You have new shoes, do you know that trick where you add a loop at the top of your laces, which gives a tighter fit in your heel? That helps to keep your foot from slipping forward in the shoe. I don't know how to explain it but you could ask someone at the running store to show you.

Running Diva Mom said...

i suffer from toe blisters, too. no advice on how to avoid them. I always drain them and wrap them in bandaids. seem better in a day or two. sorry! You look awesome thought. great job1

Jessica said...

Holy blister!! Glad it didn't affect you during the run. Thank you for organizing the posse run! It helped so much to have my running buddy with to make it 22 mi! Enjoy your well-deserved day of rest!!

abbi said...

Great job on the run. Regarding the blister, could it be your socks? I was getting really huge, ugly blisters after long runs and figured they were normal. If they hurt, I drained them but otherwise left them to try to callous over. My husband was tired of my nasty feet and bought me new socks. I had what I thought were good running socks (from the local running store) but since I switched to the ones he ordered, I haven't had another huge, nasty blister. I know you don't really have a lot of time for experimenting though either!

Lesley @ said...

Um, yuck! AWESOME run though. Hope they heal quickly for you.

Forward Foot Strides said...

Eeep, ouch. Sorry I've got no advice for that. Nice run though!

Karen said...

OUCH for that blister! So sorry!!! Sounds like you had a great run!

Megan said...

that is the craziest blister! What great day for a run...couldn't have asked for better weather. thanks for setting it up!

Anonymous said...

wow that looks painful! cant believe u ran 22 with that blister. hopefully it heals fast.

congrats on the 22 miles. that is pretty awesome!! great pace!

Shelden Family 4 said...

okay, i REALLY didn't need to see that thing! good job on the run though!

Jamoosh said...

First - great job.
Second - impressive blister
Third - BioFreeze that sucker!

Amy said...

Oh I'm sorry for the foot finger, that was a part of the run...It happen to every runners out there.


tamelavista said...

That is one nasty blister, sista, sista!!! Hope it is getting better!