Monday, August 9, 2010

On a good run...

I am finally home after visiting family and going to my brother's wedding reception. My mom doesn't have a computer and my phone is old school so it was nice to unplug a bit. My Aunt and Uncle from Georgia came back with me so I am excited for a yet another full, fun week with family.

Quick recap:
Ran my 16 miles on the West side and made great time. My sweet older sister who had flown in from Florida went out with me and kept an eye on me and to get me through my last 10 miles. THANKS! Hit the half in 2:05 and the full 16 in 2:32 so I was very pleased. Happy to finally see my miles climbing. Again...16 seems impossible, but I keep surpsrising myself. Even though I am way behind...I can't wait to hit 500 miles!!

This week I am hoping to find the time to get my runs in early. Missing all of my bloggy buddies and can't wait to find time to catch up.

Run Happy!


Tricia said...

great job!

Emz said...

YAY for 16!
You are awesome!