Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel?

So not being able to run has been tough. I think my mind goes to the extreme and I really start to stress. This is day 5 of NO RUNNING. Boo Hoo! Yesterday I rested completely and just used the foam roller (OUCH)! Today I am going to try the elliptical again and maybe some arms?? I haven't officially gone to the doc but my doc friend who is a orthopedic surgeon emailed me this, "2 aleve twice a day for four days....then TRY to run". If it hurts or comes back, go to doctor. So I feel like I can handle this. I just hate that I am now in an even bigger hole on my MILES and have no idea what this will do to my training. Trying to be positive ad not even think about the "what if's". So my dream is that I rest, take my magic pills and the go for a RUN on Sunday! Cross your fingers!

Also on another note I am so excited to be very close to my FIRST giveaway! You will love it! Only 7 away from stay tuned!

Thanks for all the support and encouragement it has been tough and I know these next 4 days will be a challenge!


Emz said...

I'll certainly be hoping your Sunday run goes as planned!!!

Aleve is MY wonder drug!!

Tricia said...

pick a fitness goal (that works around your injury) to focus on until you can run. working towards something will keep you from losing your mind. :)

misszippy said...

Keep up the injury "work" you'll get there!


I really hope you get to run soon. Just be careful.

Lindsay said...

I hope you can run soon! I hope the injury feels better soon!!!