Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For real..Is Frenchy broken?

Well it has been a great week for running. The sun has been out and I have been moving. Tuesday I tried my first 4 mile outdoor tempo run. It was tough trying to stay slow and build in pace and then hold that pace. This is what it looked like:
Mile 1 8:28
Mile 2 9:03
Mile 3 8:04
Mile 4 7:54 (WHAT?)
I am looking forward to trying more tempo runs outside. Does anyone have any tricks on how they do tempo runs?

Today I was suppose to do 3 miles. I pushed it and did it in 25:35!!! Woo Hoo...a new P.R. I am sure. It seems like I am in a groove and my PACE has changed yet again. It makes me a little leary and confused but happy that it doesn't seem to be a total fluke?? I am beginning to question she lying to me?? This learning to run is so much fun. Just trying to remind myself to not worry about the numbers and just get out there and get my miles in! I dreamed last night about the Rock N Roll half and how the clock was messed up and said I finished in 1:51. Hmmmm that really would be a DREAM!!

BONUS!!!! I found out today that I won my first ever BLOGGY prize. A great tank from Running Chicks on Miss Zippy's blog. I just love her! Can't wait for the tank to arrive and HOPE it fits!



AngMomof3 said...

Congrats on your prize!!!! Aren't blog prizes the best? I just recently won some "glimmer mist" for scrapping. We'll have to play w/ it together sometime... on a rainy day. :)

Stacie said...

Congrats on your win and setting a new PR!!!!! Amazing. That finish time is totally possible for you. I can only dream of running as fast as you. Great job!!!

Emz said...

way to go!!!
completely awesome!!

April said...

Great time Speedy!! What a strong finish! And Congrats on winning that great prize!