Sunday, March 14, 2010

Try Try Try again

So I have been a bit absent from bloggy land due to having a rough week. For some reason this week I seemed to have several obstacles to getting to the gym or finding time for a run. As each day passed by I felt like I was getting further from where I wanted to be. Day one I was able to use my new puppy as my excuse. Day 2 I slept in. Day 3 I just plain avoided it and chose to do other things, that needed to get done. Finally Friday roled around and I knew I HAD to get a run in or I was goingto go crazy. I was starting to feel sluggish and grumpy and starting to get down on myself. So Thursday I was up in the middle of the night with a puppy and then again early BUT instead of going back to bed I hit the gym and ran 4 wonderful refreshing miles. Yes it was on a treadmill and I was huffing and puffing but it still felt good. I then did some arm and abs until I ran out of time. It felt great!

Saturday I was unable to find anytime....hubby out of sight, but it wasn't for lack of trying. I was OK with this as I knew today I was going to meet my wonderful running buddy to run 6 miles. The morning came early with the time change and there was frost on the grass and it looked COLD but we were both happy to be out and moving. We hit our hills again and this time were able to handle them better than last week. So as a recap of a horrible week...I was happy that I didn't totally give up on myself. Attitude and Effort is half the battle at times it seems. So TRY TRY TRY again and who knows how your week or day may end.

Mile 3 & 4 8:13 min/mi.
Average: 8:55 min/mi

BUMMER: Finally remembered to take pics but "card" wasn't in camera, so NO Pics!

for week
Work out 5 days
Push Ups

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