Sunday, March 7, 2010

Run and Geo-Caching...

Well I was able to get my 7 miles in this morning and it was great! I was so happy to have someone to run with. It took us 1:03 and right around a 9:00 min/mi average overall! We had some hills to deal with so I was thrilled with this time! The only bummer is that I FORGOT to take pics! But you probably didn't want to see my tired and sweaty face at 8:00 in the morning anyways.

Then it was church and off to the WSU baseball. Despite a tough loss at the game the kids still had a blast and loved seeing friends. I just focused on not getting NACHO's which is what I LOVE to do at any sporting event! I succeeded...this time.

To end the day and much to my hubby's JOY, we went GEOCACHING for the first time.
Has anyone ever done this or heard of it?? It is basically a treasure hunt of sorts.
You just got to and type in your zip and you will have tons of sites pop up of places you can go. It is all GPS based with a few clues to make it fun.
You can take the treasure if you bring something for trade. So we were off for a hike (1.1 miles) and when the GPS said we had arrived the kids looked for a log and a coffee can. Inside were all sorts of treasures. We wrote in the log and returned the items. The kids loved it and my hubby did too! I enjoyed taking our new puppy (Minnie) on her first hike. She did well, but is sooooo tired! Hope you enjoy the pics. If you look closely we took my Garmin as well and it tracked our mileage which was very cool!

Have a great MONDAY!!! It is going to be hard to beat my much fun!
P.S. One and Only also won a 2nd place trophy for design at the AWANA derby.


Kris said...

Just found your blog today as I watch for new geocaching blogs to follow :) Check out our "A Life More Complete" blog and our personal ones as well. My fiance and I are runners/multi-sport athletes as well and love geocaching!
:) Kris

EricaH said...

i've never done it but it sounds like a great activity to do with the family my kids would probably love it.