Saturday, February 20, 2010

She was always there for me...

I am so sad to share that my sweet yellow lab of 11 years Ruby passed away last week. It still doesn't seem real. She went down hill very fast and and somewhat unexpectedly. So last week the day before my birthday she passed away. It was a long horrible day. Just how do you say good bye to someone who has always been make you smile, laugh, wonder, pull your hair and just feel good. Ruby cried with me over my miscarriage, loss of my grandparents and celebrated with me when I brought home each of my precious children. She was an amazing really she was!! Even people who weren't animal people couldn't help but love her. My poor children were so sad and upset with the news of Ruby. My son was so sweet and wrote her a note on a dog bone for me to read to her when I said good bye. It was a pretty simple note, "thanks for always being there for me". Isn't that the best thing a friend can do??? Only Lovely L and I went to say good bye and be with Ruby as she left us. We brought her home and she is buried on a hill above the kids play set. Man this really makes me sad just to write this! Being at home this week has been tough I miss stepping over her...I miss her sweet brown eyes...I miss her wagging tail....I miss her busting into the bathroom while I am doing my hair....I miss her seeing her as I run up my hill, knowing that she would wait paitently until I reached the driveway to come and greet me after a long run...I miss her laying on the porch...I just FLAT miss HER!

Seems so silly....she was just a dog right??? Well I know to me and my hubby and my three blessing she was so much more. I will always treasure the memories of her laying by my babies as they slept in their cribs, the funny tricks she would do, and how she was a great mama to our barn cats and so so much more. Hope you like the pictures...they are precious to me.


Stacie said...

My heart just breaks reading this. I've lost several pets that were more than just animals. They were truly like children and very vital parts of our family. One of our weiner dogs is 11 and I can see her aging very quickly. I'm glad you have so many sweet memories of Ruby.

Jen said...

I am so sorry. And it isn't silly. Our animals are like are children - just cleaner. LOL!

I am praying for you.My dog is only 1, but I know there is a day that she won't be with me anymore.

Keep all of those precious memories. And while a new dog won't make it any better, it may allow your children a little comfort!

Long lives Ruby - in your heart!!!

Adorable pictures, btw.

Jaime said...

it's heartbreaking when a pet apsses away. we had to out our beagle down towards the beginning of the year. i still am not able to put away his collar or his food bowls...
it's affected our other dog too. she's a bit more clingy now.
praying for your aching heart! *and i look forward to following along on your running journey!