Monday, January 18, 2010

Turtles get it done too...

Well I am so so so so HAPPY to finally blog that I went on my first real long run since June. I was in town by myself and the sun was shining so the temptation to hit the road was high. I wasn't totally prepared so I called a wonderful friend who offered shirts, pants and a even a pony tail holder to get me on my way. I took her shirt and pony and hit the road. I called home and told the hubby that I was going to run home which is about 5 miles and asked him to put water at the bottom of our road (we're country folk) so I would have it at the end of my run. The 5 miles home felt easy and I loved the heat from the sun on a "winter day". When I got to the water spot I saw my three beautiful children and even my dog all waiting. As I reached them I got three quick hugs and a swig of water I decided to RUN back to my car.(CRAZY I KNOW but my family inspires me)
So I left with a big a smile and cheers in the background. I just forgot that there are a few hills the first few miles back...UGH!! I began to feel TIRED and the wind was blowing my lovely borrowed shirt, slowing me down. But I kept going and finally I reached my car. I ran 10 miles on a whim, unprepared and slowly but I finished. It is good for me to value turtle speed and admit I am half turtle. I just prefer to run with rabbits (in my dreams). It was not my best time BUT I did it none the less! I am excited to keep building up to longer runs (maybe not 10 miles) as I get ready to start training more seriously for the half. My lovley friend said I can keep the MAGICAL shirt through winter and I am thrilled! The only thing that could have made it better was a buddy. Still on the hunt for a running buddy or buddies! Just have to say I LOVE my Hubby (thank you honey) and feel so blessed to have the best water boy ever! What a day!

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AngMomof3 said...

That is the GREATEST! Love love love it!